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Philip Cafaro on immigration and population

Here are some of the bullet points of what to do from “Arguments for Reducing Immigration” from Life on the Brink. Cut legal immigration from 1 million to 200,000 per year Reduce illegal immigration by strictly enforcing sactions against employers … Continue reading

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The Passengers are killing the crew of Spaceship Earth

The essay by Captain Paul Watson below is one of the best I’ve ever read on the overpopulation crisis.  This is just part of it, to read it all (and many other great essays as well), get “Life on the … Continue reading

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Birth Control won’t stop population growth

Russell Hopfenberg, at the Duke University School of Medicine, has written that global food supply is the variable which best accounts for human carrying capacity, and that human population will continue to grow as long as food supply increases. He … Continue reading

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One Child Per Woman — or NONE

Many ecologists and scientists see one, or even no children at all, as the only option to avoid a die-off in the usual unpleasant ways — genocide, war, starvation, and disease. I’ve said one-child per woman for many years, but … Continue reading

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