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Richard Heinberg Only less (population) will Do

Only Less Will Do by Richard Heinberg,  Post Carbon Institute    Mar 16, 2015 [portions of this article were cut and rearranged] Almost nobody likes to hear about the role of scale in our global environmental crisis. That’s because if … Continue reading

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Bryan Appleyard Waiting for the lights to go out

Bryan Appleyard. October 16, 2005. Waiting for the lights to go out. We’ve taken the past 200 years of prosperity for granted. Humanity’s progress is stalling, we are facing a new era of decay, and nobody is clever enough to … Continue reading

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Ward-Perkins “The Fall of Rome: And the End of Civilization”

Bryan Ward-Perkins. 2006. The Fall of Rome: And the End of Civilization. Oxford University Press. Notes from this book follow: A recent Guide to Late Antiquity, published by Harvard University Press, asks us “to treat the period between around 250 … Continue reading

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Naomi Oreskes on “The Collapse of Western Civilization”

A Chronicler of Warnings Denied: Naomi Oreskes Imagines the Future History of Climate Change By Claudia Dreifus, Oct 27, 2014, New York Times “I get from the scientific community a feeling that things are going from bad to worse. I … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous predictions

Prediction: there will be more large and Megacities in the Future [As fossil fuels decline, large and super-large “megacities”, with over 20 million people, will emerge as rural populations are forced to migrate to cities as gas stations close and … Continue reading

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A Century from Now Concrete Will be Nothing But Rubble

Photo: road abandoned since 1984 in the Florida Keys Concrete is an essential part of our infrastructure. And it’s all falling apart, as Robert Courland’s 2011 book Concrete Planet makes clear. The Romans built concrete structures that lasted over 2 … Continue reading

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Ugo Bardi: Quite likely we’ll have a fast collapse, a “Seneca Cliff”

Excerpts from: Ugo Bardi. August 28, 2011. The Seneca effect: why decline is faster than growth. Ugo Bardi. July 15, 2013.The punctuated collapse of the Roman Empire. Could it be that the Seneca cliff is what we are facing, right … Continue reading

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Birth Control Impossible due to Religion, they prefer you die of starvation, disease, and war

What a horror: so-called “Pro-Life” religions force their nasty beliefs on a woman’s right to control her own destiny and a civilizations ability to decently house and feed citizens, dooming societies of the future crazed from hunger and disease brought … Continue reading

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Even Pencils will be hard to make

Most of us are unaware of how complex our society is, how things are made, how food is grown, how stuff is delivered, and the people, energy, transportation, and kinds and sources of materials in every day objects.  This essay, … Continue reading

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David Korowicz : Tipping Point Near-Term Systemic Implications of a Peak in Global Oil Production

This is the most brilliant and succinct paper I’ve ever seen that explains the interdependencies of our economic, energy, infrastructure, food, and other systems.  It is so well-written that you ought to read the entire paper, my summary can’t do … Continue reading

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