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Nuclear power. Never has been viable, never will be economically. 37 plants at risk of closure

[Cooper leaves out the cost of nuclear waste storage, which makes the economics of nuclear plants even worse than in the article below (see his testimony before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission). Since this paper was written, the Vermont Yankee plant was … Continue reading

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CSP Barriers and Obstacles

Location must be in the desert Southwest Unlike solar PV, CSP can’t cope with humidity or cloud cover, so it is limited to the southwest were the solar irradiation is high and there is no dust, haze, or smog.  Solar … Continue reading

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Professor Tad Patzek on Oil in the Arctic

Tad Patzek. 29 Dec 2012. Oil in the Arctic. LifeItself blog. Tad Patzek is a Professor and Chairman of the Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Department at The University of Texas at Austin. Here are some of the difficulties with drilling … Continue reading

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Earthquakes in California – up to $69 billion cost

  These are just a few of the earthquake faults and their estimated costs in California: Earthquake (Cost / Where): $  69 billion / Southern California Puente Hills fault $  54 billion / Northern California San Andreas Fault $  49 … Continue reading

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