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Earthquakes in California could cost over $200 billion dollars

Preface. The figures below don’t do justice to the harm an earthquake would do.  There is $1.9 trillion dollars of property at risk from earthquakes in the San Francisco Bay Area, where a catastrophic earthquake on the Hayward Fault would … Continue reading

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Nuclear power is too expensive and 37 reactors likely to shut down because of that

  Preface. Since this article was published in 2013, 15 of the 37 at risk plants Cooper listed have been or are scheduled to close: (closing date): Clinton, Davis-Besse (5/31/2020), Diablo Canyon 1 (11/2/2024) & Diablo Canyon 2 (8/26/2025), Dresden … Continue reading

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CSP Barriers and Obstacles

Location must be in the desert Southwest Unlike solar PV, CSP can’t cope with humidity or cloud cover, so it is limited to the southwest were the solar irradiation is high and there is no dust, haze, or smog.  Solar … Continue reading

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Professor Tad Patzek on Oil in the Arctic

[Shell spent 10 years and $7 billion before withdrawing from exploring the arctic because the oil and gas reserves they found were too meager.  The company needed “a multi-billion barrel discovery” to “justify going ahead,” Shell chief executive Ben van … Continue reading

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