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Tax reform & federal energy policy: incentives to promote energy efficiency. U.S. Senate hearing.

[ By far the best strategy to cope with energy decline is to prepare by making homes, businesses, appliances, vehicles, and so on more energy efficient.  If it turns out that renewable energy has too low an EROI to sustain … Continue reading

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Weatherizing homes costs twice as much as the benefits

Summary: In a randomized controlled trial of over 30,000 households in Michigan, where 6% of them received energy efficiency improvements, the cost of efficiency upgrades were about double the energy savings, with a negative -9.5% rate of return of annually. … Continue reading

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Peak Oil in the Congressional record: Overview

Peak Oil in the Congressional record: Overview by Alice Friedemann, energyskeptic.com June 11, 2015 Even the most ardent techno-optimists and economists admit there are limited supplies of fossil fuels, but they insist we don’t need to worry for a long … Continue reading

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Expressways & Interstates are only designed to last for 20 years

Roads are Essential There are 4,016,741 miles of roads in the United States.  The most critical roads are the almost 47,000 miles long with 55,000 bridges and 4 or more lanes wide Interstate Highways, the largest single investment the American people … Continue reading

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How to improve railroad fuel efficiency

[ Below are excerpts from this 70 page report. It is hard to find documents on reducing oil consumption through energy efficiency, most papers concentrate on greenhouse gas emissions, which usually lowers energy efficiency, or how to grow roads, rail … Continue reading

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