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Heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell trucks a waste of energy and money

Preface. There are 3 articles that I summarize below: ARB. November 2015. Medium- and heavy-duty fuel cell electric vehicles. Air Resources Board, California Environmental Protection Agency. NRC. 2003. Energy and Transportation: Challenges for the Chemical Sciences in the 21st Century. … Continue reading

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Hydrogen, the Homeopathic Energy Crisis Remedy

Preface.  This post originally appeared in Skeptic Magazine in 2008 as “The Hydrogen Economy. Savior of Humanity or an Economic Black Hole?” I’ve updated it since then. Hydrogen is the dumbest, most ridiculous energy alternative. It has zero energy, and … Continue reading

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All Electric Trucks. Probably not going to happen. Ever. Why not?

There are “forms of transport that cannot be electrified — heavy-duty trucks and planes… Even if the electricity problem can be solved, it won’t address the needs of planes, trucks, ships and some industrial heating that cannot be electrified” (Long). … Continue reading

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How to improve railroad fuel efficiency

[ Below are excerpts from this 70 page report. It is hard to find documents on reducing oil consumption through energy efficiency, most papers concentrate on greenhouse gas emissions, which usually lowers energy efficiency, or how to grow roads, rail … Continue reading

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