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Vaclav Smil: from wood to coal to oil, energy transitions take a long time

Preface.  This post has a shortened, reworded, and heavily commented on article from Scientific American in 2014.  You can also see two much longer articles about energy transitions by Smil from n 2008 and 2010 here: Vaclav Smil: Our transition … Continue reading

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Steve St. Angelo: The global oil & gas industry is cannibalizing itself to stay alive

[ I heard Steve recently on a Peak prosperity podcast here.  I like St. Angelo because he is one of very few financial advisors who understand the role energy plays in the economy.  Though I don’t think that gold and … Continue reading

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Shale Euphoria: The Boom and Bust of Sub Prime Oil and Natural Gas

[ U.S. house hearings have stated that the U.S. is energy independent, that shale oil and gas will give us a century of energy independence: House 112-176 in 2012, House 113-1 2013, and several others.  In fact we have so … Continue reading

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Electricity, fuel, and other interdependencies

Freight trucks, trains, ships, airplanes all stop when the electricity is out because the pumps depend on it.  Related: Why you should love trucks and When Trucks Stop CR. September 4 & 23, 2003. Implications of power blackouts for the … Continue reading

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