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Critical infrastructure list vulnerable to enemy cyberattack

These are all essential for the functioning of an economy. Destruction or compromise of any of these systems/services would be debilitating either directly or through cascading effects. Agriculture Banking and Finance Chemical and Hazardous materials Commercial assets Dams Defense industrial … Continue reading

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Oil and Gas infrastructure are falling apart

Beneath Cities, a Decaying Tangle of Gas Pipes March 23, 2014. Patrick McGeehan et al. New York Times It is a danger hidden beneath the streets of New York City, unseen and rarely noticed: 6,302 miles of pipes transporting natural … Continue reading

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Climate change will cause blackouts & brownouts as energy infrastructure brought down

11 July 2013. John M. Broder. Climate Change Will Cause More Energy Breakdowns, U.S. Warns. New York Times. The nation’s entire energy system is vulnerable to increasingly severe and costly weather events driven by climate change, according to a report … Continue reading

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A Century from Now Concrete Will be Nothing But Rubble

Photo: road abandoned since 1984 in the Florida Keys Concrete is an essential part of our infrastructure. And it’s all falling apart, as Robert Courland’s 2011 book Concrete Planet makes clear. The Romans built concrete structures that lasted over 2 … Continue reading

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Electromagnetic Pulse EMP from solar flares or high-altitude nuclear weapon explosion

An exploding high-altitude (25 to 250 miles) nuclear weapon can generate an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) that can zap electronic systems over a wide area — several could potentially take out electronic systems across the country. Periodically there are also solar … Continue reading

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