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Bodhi Paul Chefurka: Carrying capacity, overshoot and sustainability

Preface. This is a post written by Bodhi Paul Chefurka in 2013 at his blog paulchefurka.ca here. I don’t understand his ultimate sustainable carrying capacity based on hunter gatherers. Why will agriculture go away? But the rest of the article … Continue reading

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Richard Heinberg: Systemic change driven by moral awakening is our only hope

[ Although this was written over a year ago on August 14, 2017 by Richard Heinberg on Ecowatch, it’s as true today as it was then, and worth republishing since people forget what they’ve read in the past Alice Friedemann   … Continue reading

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Pedro Prieto on Population

[I haven’t always agreed with Pedro about population, but I think he’s right now. It’s too late to do anything about overshoot, and we probably could have never done anything about it because we are animals. Though still, it is … Continue reading

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Overshoot and dieoff : humans beyond carrying capacity

Hooke, R; Martin-Duque, J.F. 2012. Land transformation by humans: A Review.  Geological Society of America. Prognosis for the Future Looking ahead a few decades, land suitable for agriculture will likely continue to diminish as urban areas expand soil is degraded … Continue reading

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