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Challenges to the Integration of Renewable Resources at High System Penetration

Preface.  This overview of challenges for wind and solar written in 2010 is still true today. We are far from being able to reach even a 50% renewable grid (excluding hydropower from the total) given the lack of storage, the … Continue reading

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Smart Grid Challenges

Wald, M. L. December 5, 2014. Power Savings of Smart Meters Prove Slow to Materialize. New York Times.  Meter readers were supposed to be phased out by tens of millions of new “smart” meters that talk directly to the electric … Continue reading

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Challenges to making California’s grid 33% renewables

Meier, A. May 2014. Challenges to the integration of renewable resources at high system penetration. California Energy Commission. Energy Research and Development Division FINAL PROJECT REPORT.  California Energy Commission California Institute for Energy and Environment MAY 2014 Alexandra von Meier … Continue reading

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