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Paul Chefurka: More thoughts on Sustainability

The critical feature of sustainability isn’t how many people can be supported by the planet at any given moment in time. Rather, it is the number of humans that could live here without irreparably damaging the biosphere we depend on … Continue reading

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Bodhi Paul Chefurka: Carrying capacity, overshoot and sustainability

Preface. This is a post written by Bodhi Paul Chefurka in 2013 at his blog paulchefurka.ca here. I don’t understand his ultimate sustainable carrying capacity based on hunter gatherers. Why will agriculture go away? But the rest of the article … Continue reading

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Kurt Cobb on the true definition of corruption

Kurt Cobb. April 10, 2016. Corruption, resources, climate and systemic risk.  resourceinsights.com Corruption is a loaded word. One person’s corruption is another’s sound social policy. Some people believe providing unemployment benefits to laid-off workers corrupts them by making them “lazy.” … Continue reading

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The nine boundaries we must not cross — or we may go extinct

[ Although everyone focuses on climate change there are 8 other destructive boundaries to be avoided as well. We’ve crossed three already: climate change, biodiversity loss, and the global nitrogen cycle.  The other six are ocean acidification, chemical pollution, atmospheric … Continue reading

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