Oil Production Fueled Population Growth and Food Production

As oil exponentially declines, so will population and food.

oil prd vs population 1 oil prd vs population 2 World+Population+and+Oil+1900 WorldPopulationGraph_throughout history

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dick_peak_big Grain_Oil_Population

2 Feb 2013. Paul Chefurka. How Tight is the Link Between Oil, Food and Population?
Food Shortages, Population, peak oil.

NorthKorea oil vs ag prd

17 Nov 2003. Dale Allen Pfeiffer. Drawing Lessons from Experience; The Agricultural Crises in North Korea and Cuba — Part 1. From the wilderness

So what happens to an industrialized country practicing modern agriculture when it loses its fossil fuel energy base? There are two countries where it has already happened: North Korea and Cuba. Both countries have little or no oil resources of their own, both relied upon the Soviet Union for their oil imports, and both experienced a swift and severe drop in their oil imports following the demise of the Soviet empire.

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