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The case for a fast, rather than a slow one. Most societies crashed in 20 years or less. There has never been or will be again a crash like ours, where the world of 7 billion people became utterly dependent on a non-renewable source of energy — fossil fuels.

The Hidden Costs of Oil. U.S. Senate hearing 2006.

[ This post has excerpts from the 2006 U.S. Senate hearing “The Hidden Cost of Oil”.  It is a timely reminder, now that gasoline prices are low and peak oil off the radar, that we are nowhere near the American … Continue reading

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Wanted: Math geniuses and power engineers to make a renewable grid possible

Figure 1. OPF solution of original seven-bus system with generator at bus 4 offering high [The U.S. electric grid produces over two-thirds of its power with fossil fuels, and another 20% from nuclear power.   Since fossil fuels and uranium are … Continue reading

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Oil shocks and the potential for crisis U.S. House 2007

[ U.S. Congressional hearings have boasted of  America’s energy independence for several years.  For those of you with a longer view, and doubts about the shale “fracked” oil revolution, here’s a house hearing about oil dependence.  Much of the testimony … Continue reading

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Human conflict arising from natural resources

Bruch, C., et al. July 20, 2012.  Human Conflict: Targeting Natural Resources.  Science 337:291-292  The special issue on Human Conflict (18 May, p. 818) largely ignores a central dimension of violent conflict: the complex role of natural resources in the … Continue reading

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Schlesinger predicts investments in 2006 will cause oil glut and denial of peak oil in future

Energy Security and Oil Dependence. Two Senate hearings from 2006. In these two 2006 hearings (excerpts below), there is a constant refrain of our dependence on oil,  yet now, many congressional hearings are about our energy independence.  Apparently congress has … Continue reading

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China consumes mind-boggling amounts of raw materials

September 10, 2015. China Consumes Mind-Boggling Amounts of Raw Materials. Visual Capitalist.           Over the last 20 years, the world economy has relied on the Chinese economic growth engine more than it would like to admit. … Continue reading

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A Strong Case for the Anthropocene: no other species has ever consumed so much of earth’s resources so quickly

Williams, M., et al. March 14, 2016. The Anthropocene: a conspicuous stratigraphical signal of anthropogenic changes in production and consumption across the biosphere. Earth’s Future. Humans are producing and consuming resources at a geologically unprecedented rate – a rate that … Continue reading

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Patzek 2016: Is U.S. Shale Oil Production Peaking?

Tad Patzek.  March 16, 2016 Is U.S. Shale Oil & Gas Production Peaking? Part II: Oil Production. In Part I of this post, I discussed production of gas from the four largest shale plays in the U.S. Ordered by … Continue reading

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How Much Oil is Left?

[ The production figures below are grimmer than they look because: In 2005, 60% of world oil production came from just 500 of the giant oil fields of the world, nearly all discovered over 40 years ago (the rest from … Continue reading

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Shale Euphoria: The Boom and Bust of Sub Prime Oil and Natural Gas

[ Yet in the United States, these house hearings have stated that the U.S. is energy independent, that shale oil and gas will give us a century of energy independence: House 112-176 in 2012, House 113-1 2013, and several others.  … Continue reading

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