Gail Tverberg’s posts at Our Finite World

Gail, like Nicole Foss, writes about how the financial system and (energy) resources are intertwined at

Gail connects the dots of energy, networks, collapse, the economy, supply chains and much more with great charts and graphs, and writes beautifully about very complex topics.  Although her posts can be long, that’s necessary since there are so many issues networked together, each affecting the other areas.  By the end, it’s CHECK-MATE — there’s no way for a techno-optimist to escape the chain of logic.

These columns make the case for a FAST CRASH

Oil Limits and Climate Change – How They Fit Together

Reaching Limits to Growth: What Should our Response Be?

Limits to Growth–At our doorstep, but not recognized

Ten Reasons Intermittent Renewables (Wind and Solar PV) are a Problem

Why a Finite World is a Problem

Why Standard Economic Models Don’t Work–Our Economy is a Network

Oil Limits and the Economy: One Story, Not Two

Reasons for our Energy Predicament – An Overview

Diminishing Returns, Energy Return on Energy Invested, and Collapse

Discontinuity Ahead – Oil Limits will Adversely Affect the Economy

Oil and Gas Limits Underlie Syria’s Conflict

Oil Prices Lead to Hard Financial Limits

The Real Oil Extraction Limit, and How It Affects the Downslope

What’s Ahead? Lower Oil Prices, Despite Higher Extraction Costs

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