5 Russian Satan missiles could destroy 4 million people – there are 55 of them

[ I don’t think it’s likely Russia or the U.S. will unleash a nuclear war, though given the out-of-control gangster Trump administration, and the end of growth due to declining per capita resources creating great anger in the U.S. and the world, I’m less certain than I was before.  The main reason I published this is to remind people nuclear war is still a threat.  Do get the documentary “The Fog of War” if you need even more of a reminder.

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Hernandez, V. October 24, 2016. World War III Update: Experts say 5 of Russia’s Satan missiles could destroy US east coast & kill 4 million people. International Business Times.

Experts warn that if Russia would unleash just five of its SS-18 missile, also known as the Satan, it could destroy the east coast of the US and kill more than 4 million people. Russia is believed to have 55 Satans, its most powerful missile, part of the largest nuclear stockpile in the world which could make the nuclear bombs dropped during World War II in Japan pale in comparison.

Just one SS-18 missile, in an apocalyptic nuclear strike, could wipe out 75 percent of New York for thousands of years, Dr Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary of the Treasury for economic policy warns. He said that the SS-18 missiles could carry nuclear warheads with payloads of up to 20,000 kilotons.

It is more than 1,000 times powerful than the bomb dropped on Nagasaki. Roberts says at maximum payload, a direct hit on New York is capable of killing 4.5 million people, injuring another 3.6 million and send radioactive fallout covering over 600 miles. It could also be armed with 10 smaller nukes of 550 kilotons each that can spread across a wide area and almost impossible to intercept.

Roberts, in an article for the Centre for Research on Gloablization, warned Russia could easily annihilate NATO and lead to the total collapse of the western alliance. Based on FEMA predictions from the Cold War, the targets of a Russian nuclear attack would include cities with huge populations such as New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Jacksonville and Washington DC.

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2 Responses to 5 Russian Satan missiles could destroy 4 million people – there are 55 of them

  1. Wasting massive gold-grade finite fossil fuels supplies on manufacturing weapons is a waste of energy – because it appears, wars, from now on, will be primarily waged against civilians, and these don’t need more than Kalashnikovs and RPGs to kill – as it was demonstrated very successfully in Mosul, Reqqa and countless other destroyed-to-the-ground cities in the Middle East in the last few years.

    There was vast amount of fossil fuels invested in humans since the steam engine. All that energy will go to waste, forever, when entire cities are wiped out by the agency of war.

    Humanity needs to take care of its count not losing it very quickly, being the only asset remaining with us from past fossil fuels age.

    The world’s population today is all what we have been left with as energy asset, and it will surely generate less energy than the energy earlier put into constructing it, but this is better than ending the fossil fuels age with metal, electronics junkyards and destroyed cities covering the planet – with no humans alive!

    • The ruins of Raqqa, Syria – A DW Documentary.

      The documentary doesn’t show how Russians Air Force has done no less to civilians in others cities.