The 10 countries with the most endangered species in the world

I don’t know whether to go to these countries to see these beautiful creatures before they’re extinct, or to spend my money on countries like Costa Rica and Tanzania that have set aside a quarter or more of their land to preserve biodiversity.

An excessive number of people using half the land and what it produces on the planet is what’s driving exitinction. Interesting how many of these nations where species are going to be permanently extinct don’t allow abortions and getting birth control can be difficult. So I’ve added whether a nation allows abortion and has birth control to the statistics.

One of the first acts of the Trump administration in January 2017 was to cut the funding for abortions and contraception, which has made it hard for hundreds of thousands of women to get birth control

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Industry, pollution, agriculture, deforestation, air travel and decreasing habitats are conspiring to make it very hard for thousands of species to survive, let alone flourish. And that truth stretches to every corner of the world, be it forest, mountain, reef, ocean, city or savannah.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List has been the world’s foremost information source on the global conservation status of animal, fungi and plant species since 1964. It currently lists an astounding 27,000 species as at risk of extinction, which is an even more astounding 27% of all species we currently know about. 

  • 40% of all amphibians
  • 34% of conifers
  • 33% of reef corals
  • 31% of sharks and rays
  • 27% of crustaceans
  • 25% of mammals
  • 14% of birds

#1 Mexico: 665 endangered species

71 birds, 96 mammals, 98 reptiles, 181 fish, 219 amphibians

Why? Mexico has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world to make more farmland available to feed an ever growing population, which may double by 2050.  This is because of restrictions on abortions in most states, and abortion not being decriminalized until 2007 and contraceptives prohibited until the late 1960s (Wiki 2019)

#2 Indonesia: 583   191 mammals, 160 birds

Contraception is only available on the black market and abortion in back alley clinics for many women. A legal abortion is hard to obtain (GI 2008)

#3 Madagascar: 553  

Abortion is illegal.

#4 India: 542  

Despite six decades of family planning promotion, contraceptive prevalence rate in India remains poor, particularly in the three North Indian states where 18 percent of the population lives

#5 Columbia: 540  

Only allows abortion for rape, incest, or the mother is at risk, and hard to get. But birth control is available.

#6 USA 475  

#7 Ecuador: 436  

Only allows abortion if the mother is at risk, illegal even in cases of rape, incest, and severe fetal impairment. But birth control is available.

#8 China: 435  

#9 Brazil: 414

Abortion is prohibited in all circumstances, though a woman who was raped or whose life is in danger won’t go to jail.  Birth control is legal.

#10 Peru: 385

Only allows abortion if the mother is at risk. If a woman has an illegal abortion she may spend up to 2 years in prison, and the person who performed the abortion from 1 to 6 years.  Birth control is available. It’s hard to get the morning after pill, and it was discovered that 25% of them are fake.


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3 Responses to The 10 countries with the most endangered species in the world

  1. wayne harjula says:

    Hi, I went extinct too, the economics to product ratio no longer supports basic living.
    So…I studied a lot of stuff over the last 7 years…mostly about humans, astronauts and the indigenous, because, after all, if humans are to blame, then humans need to know what humans are, no point in blaming ‘climate’.
    The first book (easier as a video) of consequence, that I didn’t fully realize, because I am slow at stuff was,
    Marshal Rosenburg (now deceased) on Conflict resolution and the following, Non violent communication (which is communication without ambiguity)
    This is essential to see us in our ‘colonial habits to dominate and educate in our own image by ego.
    The second book after this first revalation on how to prevent wars, is the journalist Charles c Mann, another unintended circumstance book that wasn’t supposed to happen.
    Two actually…1493 and 1491, from around 2015 ish using drone tec and a whole bunch of great science.

  2. Fred d Gunter says:

    You seem to leave out the fact that in India abortion is legal, and is used to cull the population of women.

    • energyskeptic says:

      I didn’t say abortion was illegal, but pointed out that contraceptives are hard to get. Given the toll overpopulation has on resources and pollution, I never had a problem with China’s one child policy, 400 million people weren’t born. In addition to China & India, females are clearly aborted (based on the sex ratio) in Pakistan, Vietnam, South Korea, Liechtenstein, Armenia, Albania, Azerbaijan, San Marino, Kosovo, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. Given that 6.5 billion people or more are going to die over the next 30 years from peak oil and the survivors further culled by climate change for a few centuries, any babies not born today help make the death toll in the future less extreme.