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13 fallacies of Steven Pinker’s “The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined” and Slate “The World is not falling apart”

It only took me half an hour to find significant criticism of Pinker’s work and write this up.  If I had more time I could find a lot more. Hopefully this will spare you many days of wasted time reading … Continue reading

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New Alaskan strip coal mine for China, there go the salmon

McGrath, M. 2015-11-25. The Alaska fishing village taking on ‘Godzilla’. BBC News Image copyright Pete Niesen [See original article for details, what follows is reduced and most pictures removed] Alaska is a vast wilderness of natural beauty. But it also … Continue reading

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Deforestation continues, despite forests being the best way to keep warming below 2 degrees Celsius

[This is a cut, re-arranged, and reworded summary, see the original article for details. Alice Friedemann ] McKenna, Phil. 2015-11-26. Sputtering Corporate Effort to Save Forests Highlights a Big Issue for Paris Talks. InsideClimate News Key findings: There are … Continue reading

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What if cash were made illegal so your money could be used to bail out too-big-to-fail banks after the next crash?

Hang Onto Your Wallets: Negative Interest, the War on Cash and the $10 Trillion Bail-In (Excerpts) 23 November 2015  By Ellen Brown, The Web of Debt Blog  By quietly eliminating the possibility of cash withdrawals, banks can make sure the … Continue reading

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Kunstler column on the denial of Limits to Growth in the New York Times

James Howard Kunstler. June 1, 2015. Twenty-Three Geniuses. If there is a Pulitzer Booby Prize for stupidity, waste no time in awarding it to The New York Times’ Monday feature, The Unrealized Horrors of Population Explosion. The “newspaper of … Continue reading

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Peak Aquifers: Very little Ground water is renewable, perhaps only 1.5%

Gleeson, Tom, et al. November 2015. The global volume and distribution of modern groundwater. Nature Geoscience. The water in aquifers and wells billions of people depend upon is mostly a non-renewable resource that could run out. Underground water is renewed … Continue reading

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James Howard Kunstler “True Believers”

James Howard Kunstler. August 17, 2005. True Believers. There is a special species of idiot at large in the financial media space who believe absolutely in the desperate and tragic public relations bullshit that this society churns out to … Continue reading

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Geopolitics of Oil. United States Senate Hearing 110-6

Senate 110-6. January 10, 2007. Geopolitics of Oil. United States Senate Hearing. 90 pages. Excerpts: Senator Jeff Bingaman (New Mexico). The idea of this hearing is to try to look at the big picture, to begin the year with an … Continue reading

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Congressional hearings on why the Inland water way system is falling apart

[There are extracts from 2 hearings below.  Alice Friedemann.] U.S. SENATE. Jan 31, 2013. Harbor maintenance trust fund & the need to invest in the nation’s ports. S. HRG. 113-578. Hearing before the Committee on Environment & public works. … Continue reading

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2006 Summary of two of nine Australian Senate hearings on Peak Oil

[ Someday historians will want to know what politicians knew about the energy crisis and when they knew it, probably to blame them for doing nothing, even though there’s not much they can do. I’ve read what I can find … Continue reading

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