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DOE 2014 Wind vision a new era for wind power in the United States

DOE 2014 Wind vision a new era for wind power in the United States Many potential sites with high quality wind energy resources have minimal or no access to electrical transmission facilities. From the perspective of planning reserves, wind power’s … Continue reading

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Mined Oil sands EROI 5, in-situ 2.9, or 1 if refinement, transportation, & environmental costs included

Nuwer, R. Feb 19, 2013. Oil Sands Mining Uses Up Almost as Much Energy as It Produces. InsideClimate News. EROI SURFACE MINED oil sands (20% of reserves) EROI 5  according to J. David Hughes research released Tuesday. EROI 5.5 to  … Continue reading

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J. David Hughes: Oil Sands peak 2018 @ 3.6 Mb/d + photos 1984 & 2011

[This old post may turn out to be true if oil prices stay low, given how expensive it is to mine oil sands, transport them, refine them, and deliver to customers — some estimate an overall EROI of 3:1] OIL … Continue reading

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New Threat to Oil sand Projects

Newfound Threat to Oilsand Projects Researchers discover ancient salt formation key factor in Alberta steam fracking disasters. By Andrew Nikiforuk, 28 Jul 2014, Also See: Next Oil sands Threat: Cracking Caprock A new study suggests that naturally occurring upward flow … Continue reading

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Global oil risks in the early 21st century, Energy Policy 2011

[This is a large excerpt from an excellent 18-page paper I think predicts how the future will unfold as well as a good overview of our predicament. Alice Friedemann] Fantazzini, Dean; Höök, Mikael; Angelantoni, André. 2011. Global oil risks in … Continue reading

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Oil Shocks. Airplanes are energy gluttons. Shut down the airports. Refine crude for ships, trains, and trucks.

[As oil declines and the energy crisis worsens, airplanes ought to be the first to be denied fuel, since they are 600 times less energy efficient than large cargo ships, 120 times less efficient than trains and 15 times less … Continue reading

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Peak soil, Peak Phosphate, Peak Fertilizer means Peak Food

Amundson, R., et al. May 7, 2015. Soil and human security in the 21st century. Science 348. A group of leading soil scientists has summarized the precarious state of the world’s soil resources and the possible ramifications for human security … Continue reading

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Bloomberg News: Tesla’s new battery doesn’t work that well with solar

Randal, T.  May 6, 2015. Tesla’s new battery doesn’t work that well with solar. Bloomberg. Even Elon Musk’s SolarCity, the biggest supplier in the U.S., isn’t ready to install Tesla’s home battery for daily users. Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk … Continue reading

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How much energy does it take to make a car? by David Fridley, LBL

David Fridley. August 25, 2009.  Embodied and operational energy of vehicles.  I read an article today by Xiaoyu Yan titled Energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions during the production of a passenger car in China in journal Energy Conversion and … Continue reading

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Livestock diseases, Science Mag Review of “Arresting Contagion”

Science 17 April 2015: Vol. 348 no. 6232 p. 294 DOI: 10.1126/science.aaa7672 The fever on the farm Arresting Contagion Science, Policy, and Conflicts over Animal Disease Control Alan L. Olmstead and Paul W. Rhode Harvard University Press, 2015. 477 pp. … Continue reading

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