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Peak Soil: Why Biofuels are Not Sustainable and a Threat to America’s National Security

Alice Friedemann.  2007.   Last updated March 30, 2015 “The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself”, President Franklin D. Roosevelt There’s growing public attention from the people, all the way on down to the President, about biomass potential for energy.  … Continue reading

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EROI negative for Coal-to-Liquids (CTL) at Shenuha Direct Coal Liquefaction plant

Kong, Z. et al. 23 January 2015. EROI Analysis for Direct Coal Liquefaction without and with CCS: The Case of the Shenhua DCL Project in China. Energies 8(2): 786-807.   Many nations see coal-to-liquids (CTL) as a way to avoid … Continue reading

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Dozens of reasons why algae biofuels will never replace oil

Algae Algal biofuels aren’t sustainable, are too expensive, and need too much water, nitrogen, phosphorous, and carbon dioxide. Many Life Cycle Analyses (LCA) studies show a negative energy balance (more fossil fuel energy used than energy contained in the algal … Continue reading

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Why do political, economic, and scientific leaders deny Peak Oil and Climate Change?

Why do political, economic, and scientific leaders deny Peak Oil and Climate Change? by Alice Friedemann,  last updated March 29, 2015 1) Political and economic leaders actually believe the neoclassical tenet that higher oil prices will result in more … Continue reading

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Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) have a long way to go

Geothermal plants such as the world’s largest “The Geysers” in California exist in the rare hot spots near the surface and also need to be near population centers so that the transmission lines don’t end up costing as much or … Continue reading

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Kurt Cobb Cheap oil, complexity and counter-intuitive conclusions

Kurt Cobb. March 22, 2015.   Cheap oil, complexity and counterintuitive conclusions. Resource Insights. It is a staple of oil industry apologists to say that the recent swift decline in the price of oil is indicative of long-term abundance. This … Continue reading

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All About Coal

[Below are my notes, statistics, and so on about coal from many publications] United States Coal Production     Coal Production Map by region (2011 million short tons, % change from 2010). Source: Quarterly Coal Report, October- December 2011 (April … Continue reading

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Richard Heinberg Only less (population) will Do

Only Less Will Do by Richard Heinberg,  Post Carbon Institute    Mar 16, 2015 [portions of this article were cut and rearranged] Almost nobody likes to hear about the role of scale in our global environmental crisis. That’s because if … Continue reading

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Hydropower has a very low energy density

To store the energy contained in 1 gallon of gasoline requires over 55,000 gallons to be pumped up 726 feet (CCST 2012). As a thought experiment look at what it would take generate all of America’s 4,058 TWh electricity, where … Continue reading

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Gail Tverberg The oil glut and low prices reflect an affordability problem

Tverberg, G. March 9, 2015. The oil glut and low prices reflect an affordability problem. For a long time, there has been a belief that the decline in oil supply will come by way of high oil prices. Demand … Continue reading

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