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The Peak Oil paradox revisited by Euan Mearns

Euan Mearns. July 16, 2016. The Peak Oil Paradox Revisited. Euan Mearns: Back in the mid-noughties the peak oil meme gained significant traction in part due to The Oil Drum blog where I played a prominent role. Sharply rising … Continue reading

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Art Berman: Oil Prices Lower Forever? Hard Times In A Failing Global Economy

Art Berman. July 15, 2016. Oil Prices Lower Forever? Hard Times In A Failing Global Economy. Forbes. A pumpjack sits on the outskirts of town at dawn in the Permian Basin oil field on January 21 in the oil town … Continue reading

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M. King Hubbert and the future of peak oil by Kurt Cobb

Kurt Cobb. July 17, 2016. M. King Hubbert and the future of Peak Oil. ResourceInsights. Almost synonymous with the term “peak oil” is M. King Hubbert, perhaps the foremost geophysicist of the 20th century, who first theorized about the eventual … Continue reading

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Why you can’t explain the Iraq War without mentioning oil

By Bulent Gökay, Professor of International Relations, Keele University.  July 8, 2016. Well before the US and UK led the invasion of Iraq, the two countries were under suspicion about their intentions for Iraq’s oil. When asked on February … Continue reading

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Should America Export Oil? Senate hearings 2014-2015

[ There are excerpts from two senate hearings on exporting crude oil below. Much of the testimony is either from industries that will make money off of exports, or industries that will lose money because they use (cheap) oil as … Continue reading

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Because we’ve stuffed staggering numbers of cows on factory farms we live in a cow toilet

[ Book review of “Cowed: The hidden impactof 93 million cows” by Alice Friedemann  author of “When Trucks Stop Running: Energy and the Future of Transportation”, 2015, Springer] Hayes, Denis and Gail. 2015. Cowed: The Hidden Impact of 93 … Continue reading

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Detecting Food Stamp Fraud

[ The number of Americans on food stamps has been trending up for years, in August 2012 it was 15% of Americans, 47,102,780 people. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), has quadrupled in cost since 2001, and doubled in cost … Continue reading

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How are energy storage batteries coming along? U.S. House hearing 2015

[ My favorite quotes from this U.S. House of Representatives session: THOMAS MASSIE, KENTUCKY. I want to say this has been a very enlightening hearing, and it confirms my personal experience, which is batteries are not sexy. Buckets of acid … Continue reading

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Energy as a weapon: Implications for U.S. policy U.S. House hearing 2006

[ My favorite quotes from this session: Mr. Lynch: E.F. Schumacher said in 1964: “There is no substitute for energy: the whole edifice of modern life is built upon it. Although energy can be bought and sold like any other … Continue reading

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Tax reform & federal energy policy: incentives to promote energy efficiency. U.S. Senate hearing.

[ By far the best strategy to cope with energy decline is to prepare by making homes, businesses, appliances, vehicles, and so on more energy efficient.  If it turns out that renewable energy has too low an EROI to sustain … Continue reading

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