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Giant Oil Field Decline Rates

Summary of article 1, Cobb’s “Aging Giant Oil Fields” 2013 The world’s 507 giant oil fields comprise a little over 1% of all oil fields, but produce 60% of current world supply Of the 331 largest fields, 261, or 79%, … Continue reading

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Gail Tverberg: 8 pitfalls in evaluating green energy solutions

Eight Pitfalls in Evaluating Green Energy Solutions November 18, 2014 by Gail Tverberg Does the recent climate accord between US and China mean that many countries will now forge ahead with renewables and other green solutions? I think that there are … Continue reading

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How Much Oil is Left?

How Much Oil is Left? [This is a complex question, because the quality of the oil matters.  We’ve gotten the good stuff, the light, easy oil. Much of the remaining oil is deep, nasty-gunky stuff, in arctic and other remote … Continue reading

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Can Freight Trains be Electrified?

Can Freight Trains be Electrified? by Alice Friedemann  November 13, 2014 High-speed passenger rail is all the rage, but when it comes to electrification of America’s freight trains there’s almost total silence. Yet Europe and Russia have electrified freight … Continue reading

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Why You Should Love Trains

Why You Should Love Trains by Alice Friedemann    November 13, 2014 Trains rock! Trains are over 4 times more fuel efficient than trucks. On average it takes just 1 gallon to move a ton 473 miles, using just 2% of … Continue reading

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book list: energy, ecology, evolution, extinction, war, natural resources, carrying capacity, infrastructure, agriculture, politics and more

My long reading list (below) is very long and out-of-date, so I’ve broken it up into reading lists by topic (in progress still).  I encourage you to buy the books and print off the articles on acid-free paper (see Preservation … Continue reading

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Statistics: USA Rail, Truck, and Water Transportation

Average Miles of track, # of Rail Tonnage Length road, or Carloads 2010 in tons of haul navigable water Class 1 Rail 29,200,000 1,851,000,000 914 95,700 Class II & III Rail 7,800,000 600,000,000 32 43,000 Truck 8,778,000,000 4,016,000 Inland water … Continue reading

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Why Nuclear Power is not an alternative to fossil fuels

Richard Heinberg describes nuclear as: In “the realm of scientific imagination, with high odds against it, and terrible downside potential. Problems of safe production, transport, waste disposal, ballooning costs, and limits of uranium supply are not nearly resolved. And nuclear’s … Continue reading

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Roger Andrews: California public utilities vote no on energy storage

[My comment: Without energy storage, wind, solar, and other electricity generating alternative resources can’t continue to be added to the electric grid, because they make the grid too unstable and prone to blackouts (which can damage the electric grid). To … Continue reading

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PNAS: Human population reduction is not a quick fix

Human population reduction is not a quick fix for environmental problems by Corey J. A. Bradshaw and Barry W. Brook Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). Edited by Paul R. Ehrlich, Stanford University, and approved September 15, 2014 … Continue reading

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