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Natural gas: The fracking fallacy Nature 2014

Inman, Mason. December 3, 2014. Natural Gas: The fracking fallacy. Nature 516, 28-30 Editorial The EIA projects that production will rise by more than 50% over the next quarter of a century, and perhaps beyond, with shale formations supplying much … Continue reading

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Life before Cars: When Pedestrians Ruled the Streets

When Pedestrians Ruled the Streets December 2014, By Clive Thompson. Smithsonian Magazine. When you visit any city in America today, it’s a sea of cars, with pedestrians dodging between the speeding autos. It’s almost hard to imagine now, but in … Continue reading

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Why Fusion Will Never Work

Fusion is not likely to work out, yet it is the only possible energy source that could replace fossil fuels (Hoffert, et al). Be thankful it can’t be done: Unlimited energy from Fusion would lead to unlimited human reproduction and … Continue reading

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Natural Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) as a Drop-in Diesel fuel

[The reason GTL is a big deal is that it can substitute for diesel without having to modify a diesel engine to do so — therefore, it’s a “drop-in fuel” substitute. However, GTL isn’t likely to be the answer, since … Continue reading

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Weißbach, D., et al. April 2013. Energy intensities, EROIs, and energy payback times of electricity generating power plants. Energy. Vol 52: 1, 210–221 Producing natural gas from maize growing, so-called biogas, is energetically expensive due to the large electricity needs … Continue reading

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Wind power will not save us

SCALE.  Too many windmills need to be built to replace oil. Worldwide, 32,850 wind turbines with 70 to 100 meter blades generating 1.65 MW built every year for the next 50 years, or 1,642,000 total would be needed to replace … Continue reading

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Population posts on the internet

[Below are posts I’ve run across on population I liked. There are no doubt thousands more worth reading as well, send me your favorite links.  I agree with Erlich that we aren’t going to do a damn thing about controlling … Continue reading

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Giant Oil Field Decline Rates

Summary of article 1, Cobb’s “Aging Giant Oil Fields” 2013 The world’s 507 giant oil fields comprise a little over 1% of all oil fields, but produce 60% of current world supply Of the 331 largest fields, 261, or 79%, … Continue reading

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Gail Tverberg: 8 pitfalls in evaluating green energy solutions

Eight Pitfalls in Evaluating Green Energy Solutions November 18, 2014 by Gail Tverberg Does the recent climate accord between US and China mean that many countries will now forge ahead with renewables and other green solutions? I think that there are … Continue reading

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How Much Oil is Left?

How Much Oil is Left? [This is a complex question, because the quality of the oil matters.  We’ve gotten the good stuff, the light, easy oil. Much of the remaining oil is deep, nasty-gunky stuff, in arctic and other remote … Continue reading

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