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Bonuses and salaries way too high at Banks, Wall Street, Corporations

The “Paid-What-You’re-Worth” Myth March 13, 2014. Robert Reich. New York Times and It’s often assumed that people are paid what they’re worth. According to this logic, minimum wage workers aren’t worth more than the $7.25 an hour they now … Continue reading

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Cost of the bailout of the Banksters and Wall Street

Jim Bianco of Bianco Research crunched the inflation adjusted numbers. The bailout has cost more than all of these big budget government expenditures –- combined: • Marshall Plan: Cost: $12.7 billion, Inflation Adjusted Cost: $115.3 billion • Louisiana Purchase : … Continue reading

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Corporate Welfare

Big business sets the agenda for what legislation our elected officials spend their time on at the national, state, and local levels, and even write the legislation and pass it on via lobbyists. What ever your issue is, you can … Continue reading

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