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The fear is that a fast-spreading, anti-biotic resistant strain will spread via mutation or bioterrorism. WHO estimates that two billion people — one third of the world’s population — are infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. 22 October 2014. Improved data reveals … Continue reading

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Antibiotic Resistance

Jones, Tamera. 21 July 2014. Sewage treatment contributes to antibiotic resistance G. C. A. Amos, P. M. Hawkey, W. H. Gaze and E. M. Wellington, Waste water effluent contributes to the dissemination of CTX-M-15 in the natural environment, Journal of … Continue reading

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We’re Running out of Antibiotics

Doling out too many antibiotics ‘will make even scratches deadly': WHO warns that crisis could be worse than Aids By Sophie Borland 30 April 2014  Spread of deadly superbugs that evade antibiotics is happening globally It’s now a major threat … Continue reading

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As declining energy leads to lower farm yields, malnutrition and starvation will make people far more vulnerable to diseases.  A lack of anti-biotics, and little transportation to get to medical facilities at some point down the oil depletion curve is … Continue reading

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Gonorrhea could soon be untreatable according to World Health Organization

Science 15 June 2012: Vol. 336 no. 6087 pp. 1364-1365 WHO Warns of Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that gonorrhea, which infects 106 million people in the world each year, could soon become untreatable. In its Global … Continue reading

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China the epicenter of bacteria resistant to all antibiotics

Mara Hyistendahl  Science 18 May 2012: Vol. 336 no. 6083 p. 795 China Takes Aim at Rampant Antibiotic Resistance Bacteria that cannot be stopped by common drugs are proliferating around the world (Science, 18 July 2008, p. 356). But a … Continue reading

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Bird Flu H5N1 MacKenzie, D. 31 Aug 2011. Bird flu flies back into the news. NewScientist. Cholera 18 Aug 2011. Famine-struck Somalia faces cholera outbreak. New Scientist. 9 Feb 2011 Detecting Cholera Rampaging in 40 countries. ScienceDaily. Tick borne Illnesses … Continue reading

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