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Sandra Postel: Wildfires in the Western U.S. Threaten Drinking Water

Sandra Postel. May 1, 2014. Wildfires in the Western U.S. Are on the Rise, Posing Threats to Drinking Water When the Las Conchas Fire scorched some 151,000 acres of northern New Mexico in 2011, it wasn’t just the direct fire damage that … Continue reading

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The end of insurance: Ports and Hurricanes, Storm Surges, & Rising Sea Levels

  The world is about to be shaken by many storms besides cyclones and hurricanes — declining energy & natural resources and the social unrest generated by ever larger numbers of the 7+ billion people getting poorer and hungrier. Since … Continue reading

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More Severe & Frequent Thunderstorms ahead from climate change

Noah S. Diffenbaugh, Martin Scherer, and Robert J. Trapp. Robust increases in severe thunderstorm environments in response to greenhouse forcing. PNAS, September 23, 2013 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1307758110 Severe Thunderstorms and increasing catastrophic losses likely due to Climate Change Severe thunderstorms can … Continue reading

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Coming Food Crises

Below is a summary of just part of the excellent article by Gary Nabhan in the New York Times called “Our Coming Food Crisis“, which you ought to read in full if you have time. Long stretches of triple-digit days … Continue reading

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Tsunami in California generated by an Alaskan Earthquake

I noticed this report said nothing about Oregon or Washington, but I assume they’d have damage as well. A tsunami spawned by a huge Alaskan earthquake could hit the California coast at any time and cause at least $10 billion … Continue reading

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Why heatwaves cause power outages

Air conditioners use a lot of power, and our air-conditioned homes and businesses and factories are everywhere. Transmission lines have to carry power from these few power plants to many destinations via transmission lines, which are wires with a limited … Continue reading

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Heatwaves could kill 150,000 Americans by 2099

Meanwhile, climate change will be causing blackouts and brownouts, so millions more won’t have air conditioning, perhaps leading to higher death tolls than this article suggests. 30 May 2012 by Michael Marshall. Extra heatwaves could kill 150,000 Americans by 2099. … Continue reading

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Only you can prevent wildfires: write FEMA by June 17, 2013

If you’d like to prevent another wildfire, I encourage you to write FEMA or go to the meeting tomorrow, May 18th at 10 am – see for details on where to send a letter and meeting place. A great … Continue reading

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More Dust Bowls on the way

Gaskill, M. 27 Nov 2012. Climate Change Threatens to Create a Second Dust Bowl. Rising temperatures, persistent drought, and depleted aquifers on the southern Great Plains could set the stage for a disaster similar to the Dust Bowl of the … Continue reading

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Dust Bowls

Excerpts from: Joseph Romm. 24 May 2012. My Nature Piece On Dust-Bowlification And the Grave Threat It Poses to Food Security. Human adaptation to prolonged, extreme drought is difficult or impossible. Historically, the primary adaptation to dust-bowlification has been abandonment; … Continue reading

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