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DOE 2014 Wind vision a new era for wind power in the United States

DOE 2014 Wind vision a new era for wind power in the United States Many potential sites with high quality wind energy resources have minimal or no access to electrical transmission facilities. From the perspective of planning reserves, wind power’s … Continue reading

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Mined Oil sands EROI 5, in-situ 2.9, or 1 if refinement, transportation, & environmental costs included

Nuwer, R. Feb 19, 2013. Oil Sands Mining Uses Up Almost as Much Energy as It Produces. InsideClimate News. EROI SURFACE MINED oil sands (20% of reserves) EROI 5  according to J. David Hughes research released Tuesday. EROI 5.5 to  … Continue reading

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J. David Hughes: Oil Sands peak 2018 @ 3.6 Mb/d + photos 1984 & 2011

[This old post may turn out to be true if oil prices stay low, given how expensive it is to mine oil sands, transport them, refine them, and deliver to customers — some estimate an overall EROI of 3:1] OIL … Continue reading

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New Threat to Oil sand Projects

Newfound Threat to Oilsand Projects Researchers discover ancient salt formation key factor in Alberta steam fracking disasters. By Andrew Nikiforuk, 28 Jul 2014, Also See: Next Oil sands Threat: Cracking Caprock A new study suggests that naturally occurring upward flow … Continue reading

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Bloomberg News: Tesla’s new battery doesn’t work that well with solar

Randal, T.  May 6, 2015. Tesla’s new battery doesn’t work that well with solar. Bloomberg. Even Elon Musk’s SolarCity, the biggest supplier in the U.S., isn’t ready to install Tesla’s home battery for daily users. Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk … Continue reading

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Electric vehicle overview

Most, but not all of what follows comes from the NPC paper below and I’ve reworded or interjected some comments as well. As you can see in Figure 1 below, light cars and trucks are the main guzzlers of petroleum.  … Continue reading

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Natural Gas limits: 20-40% of recoverable resources are low EROI Sour Gas

SBC. October 2014. Factbook Natural Gas Factbook. SBC Energy Institute                           There are 855 trillion cubic meters (tcm) of technically recoverable resources, which means that regardless of cost … Continue reading

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Coal or Biomass & Coal to Liquids: CTL, DCL, & CBTL technology

Gray, D., et al. August 1, 2012.  Topic Paper #8 Production of Alternative Liquid Hydrocarbon Transportation Fuels from Natural Gas, Coal, and Coal and Biomass (XTL). National Petroleum Council Background With national energy security still being a dominant concern because … Continue reading

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Trucks running on CNG or LNG

National Petroleum Council 2012 Chapter Fourteen Natural Gas. Topic Paper #21 An Initial Qualitative Discussion on Safety Considerations for LNG Use in Transportation. Below is an overview of obstacles to using Compressed natural gas (CNG) or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) … Continue reading

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New land converted to cropland to grow biofuel crops equal to 34 coal-fired power plants

Summary of article below: Between 2008 and 2012 over 7 million acres new land, much of it grasslands, were converted to croplands, damaging native ecosystems, and mimics the extreme land-use change that led up to the Dust Bowl in the … Continue reading

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