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Nuclear power. Never has been viable, never will be economically. 37 plants at risk of closure

[Cooper leaves out the cost of nuclear waste storage, which makes the economics of nuclear plants even worse than in the article below (see his testimony before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission). Since this paper was written, the Vermont Yankee plant was … Continue reading

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Former President Carter on U.S. energy security & policy now and in the past

[Former President Carter and General Wald both mention the American public needs to be better informed about the energy crisis to motivate them to stop buying gas-guzzling vehicles, since that’s why we go to war in the Middle East at … Continue reading

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Renewable subsidies in Spain, Germany, Italy, and the UK

HRG. 113-623. 2014-7-22. U.S. Security implications of international energy and climate policies and issues. U.S. Senate 113th congress  MARY HUTZLER, Distinguished senior fellow, Institute for Energy Research, Berlin, MD RENEWABLE SUBSIDIES IN EUROPE Spain (Also see Spain’s Photovoltaic Revolution) In … Continue reading

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Drinking the Kool-Aid. The U.S. Senate believes we are energy independent.

[Some of the interesting parts of this session are $95 billion dollars of new manufacturing, transport, & utilities that are growing to take advantage of the cheap NG here, which will exponentially increase the use of energy. Even if we … Continue reading

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Peak oil sands, low EROI, high debt, limited pipeline and refinery capacity

Peak tar sands, a.k.a. oil sands Techno-opmtimists claim that technology will enable nasty, sour, gunky, expensive, difficult unconventional oil to fill in the gap of declining conventional oil. Conventional oil is declining too quickly for unconventional to match But that’s … Continue reading

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Implications of declining EROI on oil production 2013 by David J. Murphy

Murphy, David J. December 2, 2013. The implications of the declining energy return on investment of oil production. Trans. R. Soc. A 2014 372 [This is a great paper on EROI, highly recommended. Without EROI studies, we risk building energy … Continue reading

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The electric grid, critical interdependencies, vulnerabilities. House of Representatives 2003

Notes from: Congressional Record. September 4 & 23, 2003. Implications of power blackouts for the nation’s cyber-security and critical infrastructure protection. House of Representatives. 246 pages. THE ELECTRIC GRID, CRITICAL INTERDEPENDENCIES, VULNERABILITIES, AND READINESS COFER BLACK, Office of the coordinator … Continue reading

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Blackstarting the grid after a power outage

Blackstarts Large blackouts can be particularly devastating and happen much more frequently than a normal distribution predicts. The impact of a blackout exponentially increases with the duration of the blackout, and the duration of restoration decreases exponentially with the availability … Continue reading

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Admiral Hyman G Rickover : Energy Resources and Our Future, 1957

May 14, 1957. Rear Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, U.S. Navy. Energy Resources and Our Future. Scientific Assembly of the Minnesota State Medical Association Energy Resources and Our Future [I’ve shortened and reworded some of this speech.  Alice Friedemann,] We … Continue reading

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Biofuel distribution wastes valuable diesel fuel

Biofuels can’t use the existing refined petroleum distribution pipeline system, by far the cheapest way to move fuel — 17.5 times cheaper than truck, 5 times less than rail, 2.25 times less than barge, on average (Curley), so delivery of … Continue reading

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