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Energy return of ultra-deepwater Gulf of Mexico oil and gas

Moerschbaecher, M., John W. Day Jr. October 21, 2011. Ultra-Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas: Energy Return on Financial Investment and a Preliminary Assessment of Energy Return on Energy. Sustainability 2011, 3, 2009-2026 [Excerpts from this 18 page paper … Continue reading

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Tar sand EROI 2013 Poisson and Hall

Alexandre Poisson, Charles A. S. Hall. 2013. Time Series EROI for Canadian Oil and Gas. Energies 2013, 6, 5940-5959 [ This is an extract from this 20-page paper. Tar sands are the hope offered by techno-optimists that a great deal … Continue reading

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How much net energy return is needed to prevent collapse?

[ Charles Hall, one of the founders of EROI methodology, initially thought an EROI of 3 was enough to run modern civilization, which is like investing $1 and getting $3 back. But after decades of research, Hall concluded an EROI … Continue reading

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Wanted: Math geniuses and power engineers to make a renewable grid possible

Figure 1. OPF solution of original seven-bus system with generator at bus 4 offering high [The U.S. electric grid produces over two-thirds of its power with fossil fuels, and another 20% from nuclear power.   Since fossil fuels and uranium are … Continue reading

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Will perovskite solar cells ever work out?

Van Noorden, R. September 24, 2014. Cheap solar cells tempt businesses. Nature #513 470-471. [Excerpts. Of interest because rarely do obstacles get mentioned in the news. Most are optimistic hype making it sound like a solution to the energy crisis … Continue reading

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Methane hydrates are still decades away

[ Back in2009 the DOE expected it to take until at least 2015 for methane hydrate production to begin, and now in 2016, the U.S. DOE is even more pessimistic, saying “the commercialization of methane hydrates is likely to be … Continue reading

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Is there enough natural gas for everyone for everything?

[ Is there enough natural gas for products, utilities, AND transportation?  Alice Friedemann] Senate 113-1. February 12, 2013. Natural gas resources S. Hrg. 113-1. U.S. Senate. ANDREW N. LIVERIS, CHAIRMAN & CEO, DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY. Dow is a major … Continue reading

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Patzek 2016: Is U.S. Shale Oil Production Peaking?

Tad Patzek.  March 16, 2016 Is U.S. Shale Oil & Gas Production Peaking? Part II: Oil Production. In Part I of this post, I discussed production of gas from the four largest shale plays in the U.S. Ordered by … Continue reading

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Why aren’t net energy and Energy Returned on Invested the basis of U.S. energy policy?

[ David Murphy doesn’t answer this question, but does give the history of EROI and more importantly, what this means for oil production and society.  If we are going to spend money on fossil alternatives, wouldn’t it make sense to … Continue reading

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How Much Oil is Left?

[ The production figures below are grimmer than they look because: In 2005, 60% of world oil production came from just 500 of the giant oil fields of the world, nearly all discovered over 40 years ago (the rest from … Continue reading

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