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Catastrophic “Runaway Greenhouse” Methane hydrate release: Not Likely

Large, Catastrophic, “Runaway Greenhouse” levels of methane hydrate release are not likely [Nature published an article about massive release of methane hydrates in: G. Whiteman et al., Vast costs of Arctic change. Nature, 499, 401-3.  Below is the a rebuttal … Continue reading

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Methane on the Rise–Again

Atmospheric concentrations of the greenhouse gas methane are rising, but the reasons remain incompletely understood E. Nisbet et al.  31 January 2014. Science Vol. 343 no. 6170 pp. 493-495 Roughly one-fifth of the increase in radiative forcing by human-linked greenhouse … Continue reading

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Why aren’t we using methane hydrates? from the office of Naval Research

Fiery Ice From the Sea If you know anything about methane gas – and the Office of Naval Research thinks you should – it probably has something to do with swamp gas, and a faintly unpleasant sulfurous smell that rises … Continue reading

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Methane Hydrate News

2 May 2013. Chris Nelder. Are Methane Hydrates Really Going to Change Geopolitics? The Atlantic. 15 March 2013. Jesse Jenkins. Japan Taps Methane Hydrates: Pondering the Explosive Implications. J.H.Laherrere. 2009. Update on US GOM: Methane Hydrates. theoildrum.

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Methane Hydrate extraction issues

These are a crystalline form of methane gas and pure water that exists where pressures are sufficiently high, or temperatures sufficiently low. Like oil, coal, and natural gas, they are finite in supply, not a sustainable solution to the energy … Continue reading

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