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Set the planet on fire: Burn underground coal to gasify it. Worse than Fracking.

Fire in the hole: After fracking comes coal. 13 February 2014 by Fred Pearce. NewScientist. Setting fire to coal underground could answer our energy prayers, or start an environmental disaster on a bigger scale than ever before. Without a way to … Continue reading

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Coal Power Plants stumped by Burning Wood

Power Plants Try Burning Wood With Coal to Cut Carbon Emissions.  Matt Wald. New York Times. November 3, 2013. There are many difficulties to burning wood in coal plants: Pound for pound, wood only produces 66% as much energy as … Continue reading

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Peak Coal in America

Peak Coal: Will the US Run Out of Coal in 20 Years or 200 Years? “Most U.S. coal is buried too deeply to be mined at a profit.” U.S. coal production has peaked, and the miscalculations that have led to … Continue reading

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Peak fossil fuels means global warming less than projected

This Science article states we could emit CO2 at the same rate we are now for another 50 years before going over the 2 degrees Celsius level we need to avoid a runaway greenhouse.  Since we are at peak world fossil … Continue reading

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Peak Coal is already here or likely by 2020 — if true — IPCC 100 year projections too high?

Oil Limits and Climate Change – How They Fit Together April 11, 2014.  Gail Tverberg. Our Finite World Tverberg shows why fossil fuel use (and thus anthropogenic carbon emissions) will be at a little less than 40% of 2010 levels in … Continue reading

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Coal: why it can’t easily substitute for oil

1) We’re at Peak Coal now: R. Heinberg. The End of Cheap Coal. Nature 468. 18 Nov 2010. T. Patzek. A global coal production forecast with multi-Hubbert cycle analysis.  Energy             35 (2010) 3109-3122 R. Heinberg. Blackout. Coal, Climate and … Continue reading

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