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Tilting at Windmills, Spain’s disastrous attempt to replace fossil fuels with Solar Photovoltaics

Book review of “Spain’s Photovoltaic Revolution. The Energy Return on Investment”, by Pedro Prieto and Charles A.S. Hall. 2013.  Reviewed by Alice Friedemann, Olmedilla, Spain 60MW Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant. Source: SolarNovus Large Solar Installations around the world. This … Continue reading

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What would happen if the electric grid was cyberattacked?

Almost every aspect of American life depends on electricity—from producing goods to saving lives, from defending the country to conducting electronic banking and commerce, from simple communications to feeding our families safely. It could take 1 to 2 years before … Continue reading

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Grid has too many owners, forget about increasing the size and strength

Summary of The New York Times article below: There are too many commercial and government players. with too many conflicting interests, plus regulatory hurdles, as well as too much money required to maintain, improve, or expand the grid. What this … Continue reading

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Long-Term Reliability of Power Systems In North America

A summary of: North American Electric Reliability Council. Oct 2006. Summary of 2006 Long-Term Reliability Assessment: The Reliability of the Bulk Power Systems In North America Capacity Margin — Capacity that could be available to cover random factors such as … Continue reading

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Electric Grid Overview

If the electric grid comes down from cyber or nuclear war, an Electromagnetic pulse, natural gas shortages (natural gas peaker plants are essential to balancing “renewable” energy), coal shortages, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, oil shocks, and so on, the electric … Continue reading

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