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Rising Sea Levels – What to do?

The oceans are expected to rise around 1.4 meters by 2100. That assumes no surprises such as accelerated melting of the Greenland or Antarctic ice sheets. Globalization and the distribution of food, coal, and other goods essential to staying alive … Continue reading

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The Impact of Climate Change on California: 8th Largest Economy, 40% of U.S. Shipping

Introduction California’s economy and population relies on one of the most extensive and costly infrastructure systems in the world. This includes thousands of miles of roads, highways and railroads, nearly 200 large water reservoirs of varying capacity, miles of canals, … Continue reading

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James Hansen : Sea level could rise in decades, not centuries or millenia

James Hansen explains how sea level could rise in decades, not centuries or millenia At the bottom is a more recent article that backs Hansen up. Below are excerpts from:  Climate change and trace gases. James Hansen, Makiko Sato, et … Continue reading

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Sea Level Rise

The world’s oceans are currently rising at a rate of 28 cm (11 inches) per century. As global warming accelerates, that pace is expected to quicken exponentially. T Rising sea levels will make some of the best farm land in … Continue reading

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